Development of the FUN CUP

FUN CUP - The menstrual Cup - Development


With over 20 years experience, our designers at Fun Factory have been creating high quality, functional products based on an expert understanding of human anatomy. Several of us were menstrual cup users, and all of us had complaints about our cups. We decided to use our knowledge to make the ultimate menstrual cup. We knew we wanted a few things: a more comfortable shape, exciting range of bright colours and an alternative to the pokey stem.

FUN CUP - The Menstrual Cup


During the research and development process, we used numerous independent reviewers to enhance our product. We adjusted the firmness of the silicone for the perfect combination of comfort and maneuverability. Based on the feedback, we made the smaller SIZE A firmer and the larger SIZE B softer.

FUN CUP - The Menstrual Cup - Bag


The Fun Cup has no gender. Our marketing and packaging has been designed to include all. We want everyone to have a Simple Happy Period and feel safe using the FUN CUP.

FUN CUP - The Menstrual Cup


The FUN CUP was released in August 2017 to rave reviews from bloggers and customers, all around the Globe.