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Cleaning your Fun Cup

boiling menstrual cup1

First use & between periods

Before you use the Fun Cup for the first time and between your period, we recommend giving it a thorough clean. This can be done by:


1. Boiling the menstrual cup in a saucepan of water for 3 to 5 minutes.
2. Use sterilising solution or tablets. These are commonly used to sterilise baby equipment. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on the recommended soak time. Then rinse with clean water.

On the Go

When you are out in public and you know you’re going to be removing your menstrual cup, wash your hands before entering the cubicle and removing The Fun Cup.


If you’re in a toilet cubicle without a sink:
You have a few options, simply tip the Fun Cup into the toilet and wipe it down with some toilet paper, before inserting it again.
Alternatively, if you have a bottle of water with you, you can use a small amount to rinse the Fun Cup over the toilet.



If you’re in a private cubicle that has its own sink:
This makes it a lot easier, simply empty the Fun Cup into the toilet and rinse out your menstrual cup in the sink and reinsert it.
Holes in a Fun Cup


The holes in your Fun cup need to be completely clear to get the best seal.  If the holes become blocked with menstrual blood then they will need to be cleared.


To unblock the holes, fill the Fun Cup with warm water and force the water out of the holes. You can do this by blocking the entrance of the menstrual cup with the palm of your hand and squeezing the cup with your other hand. Alternatively, you can gently clean the holes using a small brush such as a toothbrush.

Storing your Fun Cup

Our Fun Cup comes with a storage bag! The Tyvek ® bag is antimicrobial, keeping your Fun Cup clean while you are out and about or between periods.