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Removing your Fun Cup

Ready to empty your Menstrual Cup?

Your FUN CUP is held in place by suction. Here are two possible ways to break the seal:


1. Push down with your pelvic muscles and then pinch the cup.(make a pushing motion, as if you were sitting on the toilet strongly wanting to empty the bladder)
2. Reach in and press the rim of the cup with your fingertip to break the seal.
3. Lightly pinching your cup, wiggle it out then empty it into the toilet. (Some people prefer to empty their cup in the shower, which works just as well.)


It’s important to remember that your Fun Cup has nowhere to go. Your menstrual cup can’t migrate into your uterus or get “lost” inside you. The Cup sits just below your cervix, and guess what? That’s the end of the tunnel. Relax and take a breath. Removal should never be painful. If you experience pain at any stage then stop and try again later when you are more relaxed.