Buy A Fun Cup Menstrual Cup

The Fun Cup was designed by pleasure product pioneers, Fun Factory, who have been creating products based on the expert understanding of the human anatomy for over 20 years. The Fun Cup is a soft insertable menstrual cup with long-lasting period protection. Holding 4-6 times as much as a tampon, so even your heaviest days could be a whole lot easier.


Plus, its slightly curved shape is designed to fit the shape of your body, making it super comfortable. The base is lightly textured for easy grip and security of placement, and the tapered silicone tip makes it easier to adjust.


Got places to be? You can run, swim, do Olympic-level gymnastics, or anything else you’d normally do with a menstrual cup in.


Concerned about what you’re putting in your body? The Fun Cup is made of medical grade silicone — a hypoallergenic, body-safe material that’s easily cleaned and won’t trap bacteria or seep chemicals into your body. Plus, it comes with a small bag for keeping your cup clean and ready to use when you’re on the go. Buy a Fun Cup today and have a Happy, Healthy Period